Development methodology

Carry out projects in stages

In addition to the more traditional software development methodologies, from the design to the linear sequence release of the phases (metodologia waterfall methodology), we have adapted towards innovative methodologies and techniques that allow us to manage and implement more complex projects, based on a sequence of iterations ( i.e. repeating phases, called sprints).


The Agile Methodology allows for software development via a more dynamic approach, quick and top-of-the-line, allowing for the development of the current project.

This way there will be possible extensions and successive modifications, based on continual and frequent revisions.


The Lean methodology allows for the streamlining of processes, reducing or eliminating any type of waste, such as unnecessary expenses and activities, during the creation of the entire project.

Thus we can offer improvements in performance, in a constant and consistent way, and greater value for the customer.


The Advantages of the DevOps Approach

The DevOps model is based on the principles of Lean and Agile during the whole production of the product.

It allows for the development of Applications with maximum "agility" making the management of the entire infrastructure simpler and more efficient, and speeds up the release of new functions thanks to versioning systems, automatic tests, continuous integration, continuous delivery and other techniques.