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Our client

Amiko srl, an Italian startup that has, since 2015, been focusing on the digital platform 'Respiro' to improve the treatment pathway of patients with asthma, with the mission of transforming respiratory care through advanced sensor technologies and artificial intelligence.

What they asked us

To create the front end of the Respiro dashboard dedicated to doctors who can monitor the progress of their patients through monthly reports, receive notifications about at risk patients, enabling efficient and effective monitoring of patients through connected inhalers combining data to support doctors' choices.

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What we did

We developed the dashboard with NextJS (React) in Static Site Generation (SSG) mode. NextJS allows one Html page to be generated per route and this divides the SSG by avoiding loading unnecessary JavaScript code on the client side, reducing the size of the package and allowing faster page loads.

For a sensitive sector such as that of medicine, we chose to integrate different types of tests to ensure optimal robustness of the product. In particular, we used the Jest framework for unit tests and Playwright for end-to-end tests, which allow us to minimise the introduction of potentially dangerous BUGs.

In the web app, we also used AWS amplify to manage Cognito-based authentication and to interact with the AWS AppSync GraphQL API on which the backend is based.

On the UI/UX design side, the improvement process is continuous, and the best user experience is always evolving in order to best satisfy users and achieve ongoing project goals.

Tools and technologies used

These are some of the tools and technologies we are madly in love with, which were used to create this product

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