TrisFactor — Webapp Game-Based XFactor Italia 2022


Web Application


Infrastruttura Cloud, Backend e Front-end development, UI/UX design

trisfactor mobile mockup
​​What they asked us

Sky Italia/Fremantle - We developed the application of a mini-game inspired by the traditional 'tic-tac-toe', where the player has to guess all the moves of X Factor 2022, stars; matching a character from the cast (contestants, judges and hostess) with an event related to the Live Show on air, with the feature of being integrated within the XFactor website and their mobile app.

trisfactor mockup
What we did

With the collaboration of Quelli di FantaSanremo, for the game’s conception, we designed and developed the TrisFactor application.

It was developed in React (Create React App) for the frontend, integrating recoil for application state management.

For the backend part NestJS was used, which is a framework that allows the design of backend applications in a scalable and efficient manner, and the serverless framework that allowed the exploitation of the scalability of AWS Lambdas. For the database, we opted for the serverless version of MongoDB provided by Atlas.

Login was instead managed by Sky and integrated within our application. 

The cloud infrastructure on Amazon AWS was created using terraform, a tool for Infrastructure as Code multi provider, which allows the creation of different environments with a reduction in probability of error and facilitates management/maintenance.

We used the MUI library for the components, adapting the design with the style guide of XFactor provided by SKY and also included customizations for the official sponso Skoda.

This allowed a certain continuity on their site, since our application was inserted within iFrame in the XFactor website and in their mobile app.

Tools and technologies used

These are some of the tools and technologies we are madly in love with, which were used to create this product

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