Fantasanremo 2022 — The game dedicated to the Sanremo Festival and Eurovision Song Contest

Web Application
Front-End, Back-End Consulting
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Our client
A group made-up of young musicians, sound technicians and specialists, all fans of the Sanremo Festival, has invented a game which is similar to Fantasy Football, where you can bet on the contestants: Fantasanremo and Fantaeurovision

What did they ask from us

Front-end development of a web application with the aim of having a scalable and fast product.
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What we have done

This need led us to develop a PWA (Progressive Web App) with NextJS and to use AWS S3 for the web hosting to which we have added Cloudfront for the CDN (Content Delivery Network).

The cloud infrastructure was built using Terraform, a tool for Multi provider Infrastructure, which allows the creation of different frameworks to reduce, as much as possible, the margin of error as well as facilitating management / maintenance.

In addition to the design of a CI/CD, we also supplied consultation on how to build the back-end. For the CI/CD design, we have chosen to use GitHub actions, one for each environment, as well as a series of bash scripts we created for publication on S3 (Simple Storage Service).

The web application was developed on the basis of the NextJs framework, which is founded on React, and Redux for the management of the application status.

Moreover, we decided to use the version number 9 of the new Firebase SDK (on which the back-end is built) which allowed us to use a considerably small bundle and a Tree Shaking (dead-code elimination technique).
Tools and technologies used
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Next JS
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AWS Cloudfront
These are some of the tools and technologies we are madly in love with, which were used to create this product.

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