Metservice — Mobile app to manage the technical assistance of machines and equipment

iOS, Android
UI/UX Design, Front-End
Metservice project cover
Our client
Sistema srl is a retail management and integrated services software for national and international partners

What did they ask from us

Development of an iOS and Android mobile app to manage maintenance activities in different sectors: industrial apparatus and machines, electromedical equipment, etc.

Offline support, which allows technicians to work even without  connectivity, and an intuitive UI/UX were fundamental elements for the customer
Metservice mobile mockup

What we have done

In order to quickly distinguish the area in which the technician is operating, we have thought of using the brand colors to highlight the main categories

The navigation menu contains manual data synchronization as well as links to the pages that, once closed, won't disturb users: in this manner, the navigation will be clear and well-targeted.
Metservice color palette
metservice typography and buttons
The application was developed through Expo, an open-source operating system which allows you to speed up the development of react native applications.
We have used Redux to manage application status and we have also integrated Redux Persist to permit offline use, implementing a custom solution for a file storing system for the purpose of bypassing current android limitations which provides a maximum of 6MB of storage.
Furthemore, each time the technician tries to close a technical intervention ticket, an attempt to send to the server will take place, and if that fails, the technical intervention ticket will be saved locally as closed but not synchronized; it will be sent again to the server at the earliest opportunity.
The application uses a barcode scanner which allows the technician to simply add the serial numbers of the units he has worked on.
Finally, we have integrated Sentry to monitor errors and application performance so that we can improve them constantly
Tools and technologies used
figma icon
react icon
expo icon
redux icon
sentry icon
style component icon
Styled components
These are some of the tools and technologies we are madly in love with, which were used to create this product.

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